Vegan Guide and Life Coach


 Right food is a way to happy intense and full of energy life.

Say bye to health problems, hello to new positive life.


 My personal therapies will lead you to your soul trpubles. You will heal all pain and your body will appreciate it and get stronger.


Lets go shoping together to find out where to buy the right food.

Learn cooking with love and serve plant-based dishes with passion.

Who is Ivanka?

My name is Ivanka (Eevanka) and I have been a happy vegan for 4 years now. I have passed from a carnivore to plat-based diet for personal and health reasons. Based on my own experience with how fundamentally the diet affects thinking, health and energy, I have decided to dedicate my work to help people who, like me, have been suffering from illness, weight and other problems connected with unbalanced lifestyle.

As a Vegan Coach with love and patience, I teach the principles of plant-based diet life. I go shopping with clients, I teach them how to cook light and tasty meals, and prepare plant-based menu based on needs of my client.

As a Life Couch I try to lead clients to find their spiritual balance in life and empower their self-esteem, which is especially important when you want to regain strength to your soul and body, . First we bring back the time when an injury happened and then we try to heal all wounds.

 As a sport lover I regularly visit gym. I meet there friends coaches, top athletes and nutrition specialist who are often looking for inspiration to detox and clean their body and mind.

My clients change their menu for several reasons: prevent from diseases, occasionally diversify their diet programme or just to detoxify. Your reason can be also different.

So what do you think? Want to try? Contact me:-)

Thanks for your visit! Your Life Coach
Mgr. Ivanka Vávrová

Thanks for your visit!