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About me

Hi dear,

Thank you for coming, nice to meet you. 

I am on a mission spreading positive energy and waking up people all around the world. How do I do that? 

Unique plant based program where I teach how to shop and cook delicious vegan food. You will have me as your personal chef at your house for some lessons.

Life coaching I help people dealing with their wounds, blockages and fears. Cleanse their energy and set up positive attitude to life and themselves.

Feng - Shui interior design service helps people to move or even get rid of furniture and equipment that is blocking positive energy flow. The energy starts flowing, people sleep better and enjoy living in their homes again.

Breathe and mind training is based on special way of connecting your mind with your body while exercising. Breathing the right way to bring oxygen to muscles and meditate at same time. This brings a lot of relief, body strengthens and heals at the same time. 

Prices are based on individual agreement. Every cooperation starts with advisory meeting where we get to know each other, set our goals and agree on the dates. 

"Heal your life"