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LIFE BALANCE is your goal?

I AM YOUR GUIDE to achive it. 



Monthly program price 9.900 CZK

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About me

My name is Ivanka and I have been vegan for 5 years now. I have passed from a carnivore to plant-based diet for health reasons. Based on my own experience with how fundamentally the diet affects thinking, health and energy, I have decided to dedicate my work to help people who, have been suffering from illness, weight, mental and other problems in unbalanced lifestyle.

As a Vegan Guide with love and patience, I teach the principles of plant-based life. I go shopping with clients, I teach them how to cook light and tasty meals, and prepare plant-based menu based on needs of my client. But firstly we go step by step through soul therapy to get the mental balance.

See you soon:-)

Mgr. Ivanka Vávrová

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